11 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Celebrate On Black Pound Day

LN+B’s exclusive list of the 11 best black-owned beauty brands to support this Black Pound Day.

At LN+B we aim to always be diverse, authentic and inclusive. As a black female-owned business, we recognise the importance of supporting & celebrating the amazing black business owners + entrepreneurs the world has to offer!

We wish to share with you a few resources to help drive diversity and innovation in the beauty industry and to encourage you to make small positive changes every day by supporting businesses like ourselves who are like-minded when disrupting the status quo. 

As a black female-owned business, we recognise the importance of supporting & celebrating the amazing black business owners + entrepreneurs the world has to offer!

The 1st of August is the very first official Black Pound Day, a collaborative effort as a direct, economical and peaceful response to the systematic and institutional racism that creates and carves inequality and injustice for the Black community in the United Kingdom. Black Pound Day encourages everyone to replace their usual purchases with products from Black-owned businesses, once a month. 

So to celebrate Black Pound Day here’s LN+B’s list of black-owned beauty businesses that need to be on your beauty radar.


Created by Loretta De Feo, a Londoner with self-confessed massive hair, Dizziak the hydrating haircare line everyone needs. Initially created with 3 and 4 hair curl types initially in mind, their Deep Conditioner has been so successful it has become a cult-favourite of many under all hair type; it’s raved by almost every beauty publication under the sun and definitely a staple of the team at LN+B. 


Owner, Sharon Chuter who had worked at large beauty corporations previously was always the self-described ‘token black girl’ in the team. Tired of waiting for brands to genuinely care about diversifying their underrepresented customer, she created Uoma –  the first afro-politan beauty brand.

Sharon is also to thank for the creation of the Pull Up or Shut Up campaign, a call to action for huge corporations to publish the number of black people in their workforce after what many felt were false statements of support after the #BLM movement on social media following George Floyd’s murder.

Kikata of London: 

Patrice Monique, the founder of Kikata, aimed to create a lip care brand that fitted with her ethics as a Vegan. Too often the ingredients found in beauty products are not transparent and question their safety, so Kikata was born. 

Their sumptuous lipglosses are palm-oil free, cruelty-free, organic, natural and vegan. 

KNC Beauty:

KNC is one of the Insta-famous brands that you’ve probably seen their adorable lip mask, and starry eye masks. Since #BLM owner Kristen Noel Crawley, alongside other super boss babes like Nancy Twine, Melissa Butler, Trinity Mouzon and Shontay Lundy, have created their own scheme to help budding future Black entrepreneurs.

The KNC School of Beauty is an initiative to teach how to navigate the beauty industry and grow their businesses. 

Black Girl Sunscreen :

If you don’t know by now that wearing SPF every single day is non-negotiable, then you should! Despite there being a common misconception in the black community that they are immune to sun damage because of their darker skin, in reality, there is a crisis of a disproportionate amount of black people getting skin cancer. Making matters worse, SPFs not catered to darker skin tones can often leave a white cast on the skin making it unappealing. This is where Black Girl Sunscreen comes in; it’s not greasy, sticky or ashy –  it’s completely invisible and lightweight. 

LIHA Beauty:

British brand LIHA beauty is a wellness and beauty brand founded on a mixture of natural African roots and a quintessentially British attitude. 

Owner Liha combined her family roots into the brand, using a mixture of Yoruba beauty tradition, using natural oils from plants and nuts that grow in abundance in Nigeria,  alongside aromatherapy beauty, learned from her British mother. LIHA beauty truly celebrates what it means to be of mixed-British background, and celebrates it in all its beauty. 

516 Polish: 

Is the UK’s first indie nail polish brand championing swatch diversity. Vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic, 516 is made to be friendly for absolutely everyone. In a world where it seems a one-size-fits-all narrative still prevails, 516 Polish is following the footsteps of diversely-minded brands, like Fenty, that everyone deserves to be catered to, especially deep skin tones who are often left behind. 

516 Polish is formulated to complement everyone.

The Glowcery Shop:

You’re not alone in thinking all the ingredients at the back of any beauty product is confusing. Founder, beauty blogger, Roshanne, created the Glowcery based on the idea that the skin should be nurtured and cared for as obsessively as our diets – it makes sense. 

Why would we allow our skin to absorb something you couldn’t very well digest?

So, the Glowcery developed a nutritious diet for the skin using daily products made with 100% natural, fresh and superfood ingredients, things you’d typically find in your fridges, or in your smoothies. 

Vegan, cruelty-free, 100% natural, and eco-friendly, The Glowcery is the ethical skincare brand to buy into. 


Inspired by London, Soapsmith is a body care company that uses scents to reflect and capture the vibrant, ‘cultural jamboree’ of the multicultural city. Created with natural ingredients, crafted to nourish and care for your skin their luxe soap products are 100% recyclable, vegan friendly, cruelty-free and organic. Better yet, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Soapsmith agreed for each product sold, to hand make and gift a bar of Soapsmith to NHS teams. 


New-York based brand, Briogeo, created texture-specific products offer something for everyone, repair, volume or curl care. Their simplified step-based haircare is made is to alleviate the confusion in trying to achieve gloriously, healthy, shiny hair. 

Their clean ingredients leave hair more manageable and actually try to solve the root (pardon the pun) of the issue of damaged hair – as opposed to masking it with silicone-based synthetic ingredients to give the appearance of smoother hair. 

Golde wellness:

There is no denying that the wellness industry has an exclusivity problem. Often it seems to be over-saturated with privilege, and a predominately white customer base. 

While it is said that ‘health is wealth’, in wellness we can agree that ‘wealth is health’, as products and brands tend to over-price their superfood products. This is where Golde came in, as founder Trinity Mouzon set on a mission to democratize wellness, by creating superfood products marketed for everyone that look good, taste good, and help you feel like your best self. 

In an overfilled and overwhelmingly large industry, such as beauty, it’s hard to know where to get the best products for you and your needs, and where your purchases can be made most ethically. 

So, for Black-Pound day, and as many days during the rest of the month, make sure you’re buying into brands and products that level out the industry to become a fair playing field for all, that care about every kind of customer, and the respect and care that everyone deserves. 

Let’s aim to not leave black-owned businesses behind any more.

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