The Nail Colours To Match Every Skin-Tone

The LN+B guide on to how to get the perfect manicure for your unique complexion. 

Have you ever seen a nail colour on one of your girlfriends, adored it, got the same coat only to look down and think… ‘this doesn’t look right on me?’ 

Well, it’s probably caused by an off-colour balance between the undertone of your skin and the undertone of the nail polish. If they aren’t complementing one another, it leaves you with what some may call zombie hands. 

If you are a fellow beauty addict like us at LN+B, you will definitely already know about undertones, and your’s specifically.

But if not, everyone has an undertone to their skin, which is categorised into four main sections – warm, neutral, cool and olive. 

Warm – yellow/green tones to the skin

Cool – pink/blue tones to the skin 

Neutral – an even mix of both

Olive – both yellow/pink tones, with green-tinted pigment

Here’s LN+B’s guide on what colours vibe with you and your natural radiance this summer, and how to keep your nails looking more glam, less ghoul. 

Deep skin – 

Jewel tones are the perfect pop of colour for summer on your rich and vibrant skin. 

For a cool undertone try royal blues or an amethyst purple. 

For warmer undertones work with a bright yellow toned jade or hot crimson. 

For those with neutral tones, you suit anything, but we personally recommend a hot fuchsia. 

When it comes to nudes, aim for browns and steer away from anything beige or variably grey in colour.

Opt for vivid floral red and pinks, you’ll want vibrancy to complement the depth of your complexion. For warmer undertones aim for a slightly golden sheen to any nudes.

And for cooler tones, a slightly a reddish tint. 

Medium/Dark skin –

Anything coral or juicy looks dreamy on you – think papaya, magentas, peaches, or henna reds. 

And if you’re a cooler tone, or neutral, mints and citrus blues are your perfect summer palette. 

If you’re looking for a cool or neutral nude, opt for pink on the beige side like a taupe, or anything with a berry colour scheme. 

For warmer complexions try bright, light, white pinks, they soften against your skin tone to give a youthful look to any manicure or pedicure, for example queen Riri whose toes are always an angel white. 

Tan/Olive skin – 

Olive skin is warmed toned by nature with its green tint. Opt for colours that resemble the deep burgundies, plums and reds of any good wine to set your skin off gorgeously. 

To bring out the best of your olive skin, opt for a more demure, nude colour that leans towards a creamy-caramel or anything buttery in colour. 

For cooler tones try light strawberry tones, you will want that light blue reflection in the colour payoff to work with your pinky skin tone. 

For neutrals, we would recommend an absolute true nude colour or blush tones. 

Fair/Light skin – 

For your fair skin, you may need to be more careful when finding tones that won’t wash you out when looking for more vibrant summery colours. 

Cooler undertones should steer away from lilacs and midnight blues, Instead, accessorise your fabulous fingers with a true red, purple of ripped plums and fruits of summer. 

For nudes, anything airy will look ethereal, but lean towards the transparent end as very opaque white colours could also wash you out.  

Baby peach or yellow-toned light ivories are perfect for warm undertones. 

Dusty rose pink, or white with a blue/purple iridescent shimmer is amazing on any cool, and neutral undertone. 

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