Summer Nails

The nail art you need to get you through the final weeks of summer

As we head towards the end of summer, most of us want to soak up as much of it as we can. Something that is turning out to be quite difficult with a lack of holidays, and COVID restrictions. 

Thankfully while nails salons are still open, bright colours on our fingertips are a guaranteed way for us to get some summery fun into our working from home lifestyle. 

These low maintenance styles are great for buzzword of the year ‘unprecedented times’ as these dashes of colour still look stylish even after some fateful growth. 

Plus chips become barely noticeable


So for the last few weeks, try some of these styles out, nude nails with a pop of pigment to put a summer spring in your step.


This look is perfect for those of you who love an oval nail shape. This rounded, half moon shape will accentuate the shape of the nail, as well as give an eccentric pop of colour with a modern twist.


These mix of coral colours are the perfect match for making you feel like you’re in Portofino. Get this style yourself with nude nail extensions and coloured gel french tips.


Small dots of colour like this are a great way to still get some vivacious colour in your manicure if you’re prone to getting chips a lot. Mix up this shape by having a different colour on every finger for one last shout of summer before thedeeper shades of Autumn are upon us. 


Nail art can sometimes seem a bit scary if you’re into a modest-manicure. However, this cloud design is a perfect starting point if you wanna explore more with your manicures with it’s light and airy look. 


This fresh and clean rounded french tip look will keep you going right up into Autumn. With it’s au natural base coat look, this is also perfect for you girls who struggle to make time to come to the salon as any growth will look nearly invisible. 


Kristen Noel Crawley, founder of KNC Beauty and friend of Kim K, has a page dedicated to her nail art as a manicure addict. This look posted last year is still perfect today, as this pop-art style Warhol flowers will complement any sundress (while we can still wear one that is) as well as being a perfect transition print towards September. 

Now this look is specifically for all you divas out there. You’re sure to make an impression on everyone with these holographic style nails – we’re looking at you Leos for this look.


Rainbow nails are the nail look of the moment – probably due to a combination of lockdown boredom and drying up nail polishes we had stored away in our cupboards. 

Try this look yourself with any rainbow palette of your choice – pastels, corals, fluorescents, or opt for a gradient of nudes for a toned down look. The possibilities are limitless. 

Summer Nails

The nail art you need to get you through the final weeks of summer As we head towards the end of summer, most of us

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