Daily Care Bamboo Facial Pads

Get guilt free, glowing skin with Bambu Babe Daily Care reusable facial pads. Each Daily Care pack contains 10 luxurious bamboo face cleaning pads made from buttery-soft bamboo velvet, suitable for daily skin care routines and make-up removal. Use your bamboo facial pads with cleansers, toners, masks and exfoliators. Bambu Babe’s Daily Care face pads are the sustainable alternative to disposable cotton pads and face wipes. Each facial pad can be used more than 200 times. Generous 8cm size to make your daily skin care routine easy. Clever fibres that make cleaning your facial pads a dream. Handwash after each use, and machine wash every 1 – 2 weeks. Save 2, 600 disposable cotton rounds from landfill when you buy one Daily Care pack We use biodegradable corn starch packaging that decomposes in the earth or high temperatures in less than 6 months. It won’t decompose from normal air exposure so you can absolutely keep it and re-use it!Includes 1 eco laundry bag.

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